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Corporate design Website Drawing

My name is Milan Jedlička and I have been interested in graphics, web design and everything that goes with it, for more than 10 years. You can judge yourself to what extent I'm successful. The offer to your project or company is following:

Corporate design

Corporate design

Do you need a logotype, website or other materials with corporate design for your company or project? If so, I will gladly get down to it with you. First we will create a logotype and lay the foundations for the corporate design. For a better idea of my work, you can click one of my realised projects:

NetJapan EMEA
2015-2016 NetJapan EMEA
Logo Optik Lukáš
2015 Optik Lukáš
(Optometrist Lukas)
Logo Pila Lipůvka
2015 Pila Lipůvka, s. r. o.
(The Sawmill Lipůvka)
Logo Eva Volavka
2016 Eva Volavka
Logo Muntor
2013 Muntor GmbH
Logo Reno Design
2008–2015 Reno Design, s. r. o.
Logo HC Balíci
2013–2015 HC Balíci
Logo Svatba
2014 Svatba Aneta & Milan


"We on the Internet", words that have satisfied many of us recently. Today, everybody is on the Internet. We must look different and offer our customers more on the website to gain more.

Zahradní centrum Rozmarýna
2016 Zahradní centrum Rozmarýna (The Gardner center Rozmarýna)
Pila Lipůvka
2015 Pila Lipůvka, s. r. o.
(The Sawmill Lipůvka)
2015 NetJapan Europe GmbH
Reno Design, s.r.o
2013 Reno Design, s. r. o.
Muntor GmbH
2013 Muntor GmbH
2014 Wedding Aneta & Milan