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HC Balíci (HC Bumpkins)

Logo HC Balíci Dětské body HC Balíci Minidres HC Balíci
Dres HC Balíci HC Balíci výsledek zápasu

HC Balici (HC Bumpkins) is an amateur ice hockey team, which I am a member of. For a few years we had been skating without pads and without a name, later with pads and jerseys of all kinds of clubs, until we reached such qualities that we deserved a club name and jerseys. :-)

I have a soft spot in my heart for the team. We play hockey for fun. We do not play in a league, so there is no risk that only the best ones would play and the others would warm the bench. I started the project with great excitement. I came up with a name, logo and jersey design, moreover I created a couple of items for our fans.


We are simply country bumpkins. First I was thinking of a straw bale, but I did not consider it attractive enough as a hockey team logo. Then I looked at dozens of logos of hockey teams and other sports teams. Bears, panthers, mustangs ... roosters! They are (used to be) a part of every country backyard, they swagger and look good, even though they cannot do much. That´s us!

Creation of the logotype
2013/05 Creation of the logotype

After refining the original drawing, I created the final logo. It had to be applicable to both white and black background, which are the two colours of our jerseys we wear for playing against each other.

Final logotype - white background
2013/05 Final logotype
Final logotype - black background
2013/05 Final logotype


It is obvious from the introductory text that the main task was to create hockey jerseys. Both sets of jerseys combine red elements and the logo.

Black jersey
2013/10 Black jersey
White jersey
2013/10 White jersey
White jersey – back side
2013/10 White jersey — back side

Mini hockey jersey

If you are a fan of a sports team, you must know the offer of their fan shops. One of the typical items is a mini jersey. Today Balici (Bumpkins) present themselves outside the ice rink through stylish mini jerseys in their cars.

Mini hockey jersey
2014/11 Mini hockey jersey

Baby bodysuit

Baby bodysuits were my own initiative. As a proud father, I wanted a fashionable piece of clothes for my daughter. I was inspired by playsuits HC Kometa Brno, which my wife and I bought for our nephew.

Baby bodysuit – back side
2015/07 Baby bodysuit — back side
Baby bodysuit - front side
2015/07 Baby bodysuit — front side