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Figurální kresba - Tereza
Kresba - Portrét Khaleesi
Kresba - Portrét keltské krásky
Kresba - Portrét cikánské dívky
Kresba - Portrét dívky

Drawing is my hobby since 2011. It's completely different field compared to graphic design. Drawing teaches me to better see world around and enjoy small things in my daily life.

Drawing is regular craft. You have to learn technique and train eyes. By training you get better and better. When you skip training for couple of months, you loose some part of your skills. If you are interested take a look at my sketches. I owe a lot to my teacher Aleš Chalupa.


One of the most difficult drawing discipline is portrait drawing. It's my most favorite one. In case you are also drawing portraits and you want to know if it looks like a human I have one tip for you. Simply try to upload your result on Facebook. If Facebook ask you to mark person on uploaded photo you achieved important milestone. :-) It's important milestone, but there is another one. The result should look like person you are drawing.

Vývoj kresby
1.1 Drawing skills evolution

I prefer to draw with Faber-Castell pencils. The biggest advantage — compared to common pencils — are drop resistance and graphite homogeneity. I use also combination of pencil and marker from time to time. Full, vivid, black marker color is just amazing.

Dreaming girl
1.2 Dreaming girl
Celtic beauty
1.2 Celtic beauty
1.2 Goddess


I said portrait is difficult discipline, but figure drawing is even more difficult. My teacher told me to practice everyday by drawing small sketches. Here are some of my better results:

Figure - Tereza
2.1 Figure — Tereza
Figure - Motion study
2.2 Figure — Motion study

Still life

Drawing stumps, flowers or fruits is a bit easier compared to portaits or figures. When you manage to draw basic shape the result is pretty easy recognizable.

3.1 Stump
3.2 Poppy
Still life with fruit
3.3 Still life with fruit