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Logo Muntor Webové stránky Muntor
Muntor schema zálohy, ověření a obnovy Muntor služby

Muntor is a modern Swiss cloud data storage. Basic advantages are security, stability, neutrality of Switzerland and credibility. Muntor offers services to resellers, whose customers require data storage services.

We did not have much time for this project. The logo and the basic version of the website had to be developed within a few days and sleepless nights. Then there was a little time for refining the most important things. I think I did my best in the limited time. You can see the website here.


When creating the logo I was limited by nothing but time. The basic properties of data storage are security, stability, neutrality of Switzerland and credibility. So I tried to incorporate these features into my drawings and I chose and prepared some of the designs for approval.

Logotype development
2013/09 Logotype development
Logotype version 1
2013/09 Logotype version 1
Logotype version 2
2013/09 Logotype version 2
Logotype version 3
2013/09 Logotype version 3

The customer chose the logo without a pictogram. Despite this, the logotype incorporates some of the characteristics of data storage:

Final logotype
2013/09 Final logotype


Bootstrap helped me to create the website. It was the first time I used HTML, CSS, and JS framework. It even accelerated the preparation of the hectic project. I spent the most time editing Bootstrap components into the form I liked.

2013/11 Website


It was necessary to create a document with the comparison of product packages. I also created a file with the information for customers how data storage works. I created an infographic that shows data replication, verification and recovery processes.

Product packages
2013/11 Product packages
Replication, verification and recovery scheme
2013/11 Replication, verification and recovery scheme

Business card

Business card
2014/05 Business card

I like using red colour. The logotype of the business card boasts with a red "M" and red icons show important contact information.