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Optik Lukáš (Optometrist Lukas)

Logotype Optik Lukáš
Shop table

After many years of being employed, one of my best friends started his own business, and it takes a great deal of courage. He opened a new shop with glasses in Boskovice. He asked me to help him with the logotype creation. And so it happened that the logo started a bigger project.

If you do not see your displays properly, Optik Lukas (Optometrist Lukas) is definitely worth seeing. I guarantee that you leave the shop with a chic pair of glasses at a reasonable price and with a pleasant feeling that some people love doing their jobs and they do it well.


If you have known somebody for more than 20 years, you know almost everything about him. So the work is faster. We started with the logo. As Lukas said, he wanted to build his shop with his "face". So the creation of the logo was based on his wish:

Creation of the logotype
2014/08 Creation of the logotype

Lukas chose a simple and direct name — Optik Lukáš (Optometrist Lukas). The final logotype consists of the pictogram of his face and name of the shop. I created together with my friend and architect Mirko Lev several colour patterns that were used also for the furniture upholstery in the shop. The colour scheme of the logo is based on the selected patterns. I applied the logo in company materials.

Final logotype
2014/08 Final logotype

Business card

After we had completed the logo in the interior of the brand new shop, Lukas needed to present his business to his business partners.

2014/10 Business card

Customer card

When everything goes smoothly, the shop is filled up with customers. Lukas needed to keep records of his customers. The customer card contains everything needed for better orientation of both Lukas and his customers. The perforated part serves customers as a bill.

Zákaznická karta
2014/08 Customer card


Lukas was looking for a way to make his business visible in Boskovice. He found some space for advertising in the shopping arcade Fáberka. Therefore we created this poster (150 x 100 cm), where Lukas shows the position of his new shop. The QR code contains a little surprise for his new customers (see the left image).

Precisely a year later, we created a poster for the opening anniversary with a special event. Lukas offers a free bottle of champagne for each new order in September (see the right image).

Plakát Fáberka
2015/02 Poster for Faberka
Plakát k výročí
2015/09 Anniversary poster

Gift voucher

Christmas holiday brought another task – to prepare gift vouchers for Lukas´ customers.

Dárkový poukaz
2014/12 Gift voucher


We chose Facebook instead of a website. Lukas publishes news from the shop here and people evaluate his services and they give “Likes” and more “Likes”.

2014/08 Facebook