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Pila Lipůvka (The Sawmill Lipůvka)

Logo Pila Lipůvka Internetové stránky Metr Pila Lipůvka
Ceník Pila Lipůvka

The owner of the sawmill Lipuvka Mr Hlousek asked me to help him to create a new modern logotype and website for his company. I like wood (not only because of my surname) so we got down to work.

The Sawmill Lipuvka is a traditional business selling timber for carpenters, builders, modellers and for those who just need the warmth of wood in winter. If you work with wood, they certainly give you good advice and offer appropriate material.


Sometimes I manage to create a logo in a few minutes, sometimes it takes weeks. I had a pretty good idea of this logo, but the implementation kept failing. I wanted to combine symbolically a linden and a saw (what a surprise :-)). You can see several attempts here:

Creation of the logotype
2015/01 Creation of the logotype

Several times I tried to connect a linden leaf and a saw in my designs. I could not combine the sharp edges of the linden leaf with sharp teeth of the saw. Then a saving idea came and I connected the leaf and the circular saw blade through leaf veins. Moreover, the pictogram forms a spreading crown of the tree.

Final logotype
2015/03 Final logotype


The original website contained several small web pages stuffed with general texts. The reason for creating a new website was not only the outdated design but also new services offered by the sawmill. I suggested to do a modern single page website. Given the volume of information it was a good choice. I think the website is simple, clear and easy to update. If you like, have a look.

2015/04 Website

Price list

The only document I have created for the sawmill so far, was the price list of timber and services. The goal was to create a document of the same design as the website.

1st page of the price list
2015/04 1st page of the price list
2nd page of the price list
2015/04 2nd page of the price list
3rd page of the price list
2015/04 3rd page of the price list

Wooden measuring tape

I'm always happy when a logo is printed on something else than paper or foil. Mr Hlousek prepared a practical gift for his loyal customers – a wooden measuring tape.

Wooden measuring tape
2015/06 Wooden measuring tape

Business card

A simple, clear, paper business card with a fine wooden base. The next version of business cards might be made entirely of wood, so that the overall impression is even stronger.

2015/09 Business card