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Reno Design focuses on the restoration of antique wooden and upholstered furniture. It is one of the first companies I started to cooperate with. They do amazing work that takes a lot of time, requires patience, skills and knowledge. I really enjoyed designing details of the website.

Reno Design, s. r. o., has its workroom in Cerna Hora. If you need to renovate antique furniture or you would like to buy an interesting piece, do not hesitate to visit the studio in Cerna Hora, or at least their website.


I wanted to capture patience, skills and fineness in the logotype. Reno Design offers upholstery fabrics and wallpapers as well. I tried to use some of their patterns in my designs. I finally discovered various pieces of furniture and a great sofa caught my eye.

Creation of the logotype
2009/02 Creation of the logotype

I tried the sofa in several designs and finally decided for contour.

Final logotype
2009/02 Final logotype


The website presents mainly the implementation of renovated and restored furniture. Each implementation includes a brief description of the furniture piece and the gallery shows the condition of the furniture before restoration and work procedures.

2009–2015 Website

I really enjoyed the details:

Detail webu - doprava
2015/05 Website detail — transport
Detail webu - kontakt
2009 Website detail — contact information

Advert – Yearbook

Ne všude platí, že jsou tištěná média na ústupu. Reklama pro Reno Design do restaurátorské ročenky byl pěkný a zodpovědný úkol.

2016 Yaerbook