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Wedding Aneta & Milan

Wedding logotype Wedding website
Wedding dress Wedding newspaper

Our wedding was a big challenge for me in all respects. I had prepared some wedding materials before, so I used the experience and spent a disproportionate amount of time :-) creating corporate design for this important day.

The colour of the wedding was clear from the beginning, because my wife Aneta loves violet colour. But violet colour is not always the same, so we kept using a pattern book and tried to find everything in the same violet hue. It was therefore necessary to create a violet logo and apply it to everything.


Even if the wedding is not just a kiss during the ceremony, I found it interesting to incorporate it into the logo. It's one of the situations which wedding guests are waiting for. I had drawn Aneta's profile a thousand times, so it was not a difficult task. But my self-portrait was a bit more complicated. My photograph helped me with the drawing.

I had to solve another issue. Both of us have long hair, which could result in the confusion of wedding quests with dioptres not being able to differentiate the bride from the groom. That is why Aneta got a rose into her hair.

Creation of the logotype
2014/06 Creation of the logotype
Final logotype
2014/06 Final logotype

Wedding invitation

The outside invitation card with the logo was glued onto the inside, purple invitation card. Both cards were glued by silicone adhesive dots, which proved to be a good choice with the amount of invitations sent. Otherwise I would still be gluing them. For the guests invited to the wedding reception, another invitation card was glued inside.

Wedding invitation - closed
2014/07 Wedding invitation — closed
Wedding invitation - open
2014/07 Wedding invitation — open

Wedding website

The dominant feature of our wedding website was the logo with the wedding day countdown clock. This was followed by the information about the weddings venue, reception and the wedding day timeline.

Wedding website
2014/08 Wedding website
Svatební web ilustrace zámecký skleník
2014/08 Château glasshouse
Svatební web ilustrace kostel
2014/08 Illustration of the church
Svatební web ilustrace mapa
2014/08 Illustrated map

Wedding newspaper

If wedding guests were bored during our wedding and wanted to have a break from the general merriment, they could read the wedding newspaper. Wedding newspaper is very often filled up with repetitive fillers – e.g. a horoscope for newlyweds. I could not avoid these fillers either. The original idea was to create the newspaper as a comic book with life stories of newlyweds. Because it was very time-consuming, I finally created only one comic strip – our first encounter.

2014/09 Cover
Comic strip - page 1
2014/09 Comic strip — page 1
Comic strip - page 2
2014/09 Comic strip — page 2
Gossip column
2014/09 Gossip column


There was a big, empty and ugly board in the lobby of the chateau greenhouse, where our wedding reception took place. At the last moment I created several A2 posters. They were supposed to attract wedding guests to the highlights of the wedding day and evening.

Poster - Wedding love brandy
2014/09 Poster — Wedding love brandy
Poster - DJ Boris
2014/09 Poster — DJ Boris
Poster - Grajcar
2014/09 Poster — Grajcar

Stag party

I created the stag party invitation as a web form. I used a photo of William Wallace as the background. My original idea was even better, to have myself photographed in a kilt on Stranska Rock.

Stag party website
2014/07 Stag party website